so, what exactly do i do? i'm glad you asked! esports is essentially competitive video gaming, and i've had a hand in a lot, from being a tournament organizer to directing a pro league's live weekly broadcast. 

Smite Pro League +
Smite Challenger Circuit

The Smite Pro League and the accompanying minor league in the Challenger Circuit is the epicenter of competitive SMITE, and 5v5 MOBA, seeing livestreams on Twitch and Youtube that average over 10k viewers on a 4-day-a-week schedule. For these leagues, I have personally worked as a commentator, technical director, interviewer, video producer, social media manager, and replay and video operator, over roughly two years, and 2.5 total seasons.

OTK Smite Invitational

The OTK Smite Invitational was a one-off event hosted by the gaming organization, One True King, and participated in by various popular livestreamers, such as Jerma985, Clint Stevens, and Lirik. The event was streamed to over 130,000 live viewers on the main channel and tens of thousands more on personal POV channels, in which the winning team was awarded $100,000. For this event, I handled replays and video playback.

Rogue Company Championship Series

The Rogue Company Championship Series was a series of LAN events for Rogue Company, consisting of 4v4s, 3v3s, and a female exclusive 2v2 tournament. The fast-paced gameplay made for an additional challenge when working with replays, videos, and directing, as the show itself had to match with a faster overall pace than typically seen with SMITE.

iATL Atlanta Community Open: Fortnite

This 4-week event saw over 300 different players compete for a chance to make it to the final invitational tournament, of which I was in charge of tournament administration, keeping track of players scores, and ensuring the players of this online tournament were having fun, and competing against each other fairly.

This event was livestreamed for over 5,000 live viewers weekly, and VODs can be watched here.

FIFA 21: 1v1 Me

This monthly offline FIFA 21 tournament was partnered with RedBull, where I worked as a tournament organizer and floor monitor, ensuring that all players in the space had a smooth experience and that the livestreamed matches were of competitive quality.